DONT Skip These! Adwords Click To Call Ads For Pay Per Lead

My guess is that because nobody has really written on this angle yet that this post (while thin) will still rank in Google.

Give click to text or click to message ads a shot.

There are some industries where people will not answer their phones. This is true for almost any industry. People are busy and don’t like to be bothered when they are at work or home from work. By giving your potential customers the option to send a sms and read info at their own leisure, it makes it easy for them to decide whether or not they want to call you to get more info. This could result in 10-20% or more leads responding to their own initial inquiries. This not only reduces your ad waste by that much but also cuts down the time your sales team spends chasing those seamingly ‘dead’ leads.

My advice would be that you should have a separate phone from your personal one. Just saying.

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