Step 2: $500 To $10,000 Month

We’ve covered step 1 from going $0 to $500. Those are the foundations that should be taken care of first.

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step 1 – $0 to $500/month

step 2 – $500/month to $10,000/month

step 3 – $10,000 to $112,000.month

Tripwire Offers

Now that we have the foundational aspects taken care of (hopefully you’ve automated those processes by now – if not, go do that first).

We have a squeeze page, great value autoresponder, and something of value/interest to generate sales. This can be a free+shipping physical book, physical book, physical product, or digital product. The preferred method is to go all digital as it gives you infinitely more power to scale and automate things.  (ASM – the amazing selling machine, is a digital course that teaches all things Amazon FBA that sells at several thousand dollars. It is one of the most successful digital products with record breaking sales.)

Treat an online business like you would a brick and mortar business. The revenue potential is immense and you aren’t bound to your storefront having to manage employees.

When you have your funnels set up (always track conversions otherwise you are flushing money away and cannot scale up) you can buy more traffic.

There are a lot of traffic sources out there but to be honest you don’t need to use them all – and who has the time?

You need significant amounts of resources to be using a lot of different sources as it requires some time and budgeting to get enough data to make informed decisions. It is ‘stupid’ to say that a traffic source doesn’t work because you sent 5 clicks to a landing page when average conversion rates for most industries is 5-10%.  How much traffic to spend varies but you will learn as you go. Or, ask a mentor – find a coach to guide you.

PPC – Google Adwords, Bing, Yahoo Gemini are popular sources of traffic. Facebook Ads (use the CPC model and let FB auto bid for you) are an excellent traffic source that are still kicking ass in 2016. Just keep in mind that there is a right way and a wrong way to buy traffic. If you are completely new then it is suggested that you join a group on Facebook or pay for coaching. You will lose lots of money and give up if you go down the wrong path or do things without the right information – or no information. Also take advantage of YouTube indisplay/instream ads with TrueView.

Media Buys – If you want a simple way to get started in media buying go direct to blog sites with high traffic and contact the owner directly. Negotiate a deal to place a banner ad on their site in exchange for a monthly rate. With all of the websites available this is a very good way to score some cheap traffic in large volumes. Or, use a site like which has prequalified site owners (they take a commission).

Solo Ads – I had a course on this in the past but in general you want to work with reputable vendors that have good reviews. You can find solo ad vendors almost anywhere. This form of traffic generally works best for ‘work from home/biz op’ niches but can also work for virtually any other niche as long as there is a vendor with a large email list. The key to a good vendor is having one that has a good landing page. They won’t share that with you but you can imagine if their landing page ad copy says ‘opt in to make billions of dollars’ you probably don’t want those people opting into your list. There were sites in the past like nextmark/safe-swaps and so on that I would have recommended but recently they are flooded with garbage traffic. How it generally works is you pay someone to email their list. You will usually get a guaranteed number of optins with some overdelivering. If you want to give it a try just go on Facebook and search for solo ads groups. Like anything, there is a lot of spam but if you just want to give it a try go for it. Personally I find that working with people who don’t mail their list all kinds of junk from hundreds of other people and having an exclusive partnership works better.  Give it a try, test a small budget – nothing to lose and much to learn.

Kindle books – Just give them away for free and put your URL in the books that go to your landing pages. Amateur marketers try to make money on the front-end. The best marketers treat their online business like a real business and know that they make bigger money on the back-end. This is all very general. Sometimes a low ticket item actually converts better than a free offer due to a higher perceived value and also attracts better customers – or so you might assume. But what you can do in that case (if this is your thinking) is to first get the opt-in by giving something away and THEN having your paid offer (low ticket) that sells a small ticket item.

With online sales funnels you want to ascend customers up the value ladder bit by bit.


Imagine… You have an email list that costed less than $5000 to build with 10k+ targeted subscribers (very easy to do). They are receiving your autoresponder email sequence consiting of a e.g. 4 part video series with fantastic offer at the end (usually a high ticket offer). You could do a completely pure value funnel but if you have something that is really good then you should not feel bad selling your products. After all, you need to compensate yourself and reinvest into even better products to release and help more people. This is what major corporations are doing all of the time – reinvesting and releasing new versions. If people are bitching and complaining then you are doing things right. IF nobody is bitching and complaining then your email list simply isn’t big enough. Focus on the people who are happy and help them have greater success with your products. There will always be the rotten apples – simply remove them from your list so they don’t infest the rest of your community/tribe.

Say you have a product launch with 10,000 subscribers. You send out an email with a viral sharing element and that piece of content gets shared at least 2-3 times or more per subscriber. You just grew your list with your own list without paying for traffic (something you should still be doing anyways). But this is cool! Focus on giving value to your email list. You never know who is reading your emails and whose life you can change. Never sacrifice your integrity to make a quick buck. I see a lot of affiliate marketers doing this and it is a fast way to lose trust and subscribers.

You don’t have to be perfect or the best but you should deliver what you promise. Sometimes people don’t want to hear a story or get help from let’s say a Tony Rob.bins type of figure… They want to hear it from someone who is more like them. Always remember that people do business with people that they know, like, and trust.


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