Whats Up

As much as we’ve enjoyed helping small businesses over the past decade double and in some cases exponentially grow their revenues through digital advertising, we are no longer able to invest our time in that fashion. As such we decided to stop our agency to pursue other endeavors.

The minimum budget we work with is $100,000 and our goal is to generate at least $500,000-$1m in revenues or develop new products and demand. We invest in both paid as well as organic results such as SEO.

We also offer a performance based service for companies that want more leads.

Rates vary from $15-$1000 per opt-in lead from ad campaigns or on a percentage of sale.

We can drive enough volume to reach everyone in your marketplace through a multi-channel online and offline marketing strategy used by global brandsĀ but with a performance and results driven direct response angle.

We split budgets into multiple platforms because certain platforms allow us to negotiate better rates the more volume we do – rather than penalizing us.

Our clients see extraordinary returns on their investment not just in the quality of the leads we generate but also due to the demand that we create in the marketplace for their industries.

If you are interested shoot an email to info@mosesyoon.com to view some of our most successful case studies e.g. turning $1 into $10 everytime on autopilot.